The Wald statt Asphalt (en: Forests instead of Asphalt) Alliance was formed in 2020 in response to the destruction of healthy forests for capitalist purposes.

The allies are (in alphabetical order):

  • Aktion Schlagloch
  • Bürger*innen-Initiative Keine A49
  • Ende Gelände
  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Fridays For Future Germany
  • Koala Kollektiv
  • MakeRojavaGreenAgain
  • Robin Wood
  • Sand im Getriebe
  • Waldbesetzung

We are the alliance Forest instead of Asphalt. Together we take a stand against the expansion of the A49 through the Dannenröder forest.

We fight for a radical change in traffic and mobility, the preservation of our forests and climate justice for this and future generations!
🌳 Every tree matters – Danni stays! 🌳

The consequences of the climate crisis have become unmistakable, even in Germany: persistent droughts are killing our forests and the first communities are already running out of water. The preservation of forests, our strongest allies in the fight against climate change, and the protection of our drinking water must be top priority!
But the Dannenröder forest, a healthy and old mixed forest in the middle of a drinking water protection area, is to be destroyed this autumn for a fossil traffic policy of the past. We cannot allow this irresponsible project! The Danni is an example of the failure of the German government to react appropriately to the threats posed by the climate crisis and the extinction of species and to finally implement the long overdue change in traffic policy.

We do not need new highways.
We need Forests instead of Asphalt!