Online Talk by Phyllis Omido

Phyllis Omido

Phyllis Omido was working at a lead factory in Kenya when her two-year-old son first became inexplicably ill. When Omido found out that her son was suffering from life-threatening lead poisoning caused by the improper recycling of car batteries, including those from Germany, she quit her job. Since then, the environmental activist has been doing everything she can to expose the scandal of her former employer and other companies in Kenya. She organized mass protests and launched campaigns to draw attention to the problem. But not everyone liked her efforts: her opponents sent Omido death threats and threatened to kidnap her son.

Lead recycling is considered one of the most dangerous industries for people and the environment. The World Health Organization estimates that 674,000 people die annually from lead poisoning. Omido founded the Center for Justice, Governance and Environmental Protection. In 2015, Omido was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for her work. Her book, “With a Mother’s Rage,” was published in German in September 2019.

How is German car manufacturing related to pollution in Kenya? How did Phyllis Omido manage to convince people in her community to join her protest? How does she deal with state repression and hostility? We would like to discuss these and other questions with you and our guest.

The talk will be held in English.

Date & time: April 13th, 12 P.M..