Important Information for all Climate Camp Visitors

We look back on a week full of great moments at Climate Camp Danni.
So far our hygiene concept is working very well and we are now looking forward to the “mobility change weekend”

However, we would like to give you all to consider that the incidences are becoming extremely high in Germany and also especially in the Vogelsbergkreis. Moreover, there are already more people here than we expected. The structures and especially the “Kitchen for All” are at the edge of their capacities to be able to fulfil the climate camp in accordance with the requirements. Against this background, please consider whether you really want to come.

If you should decide to come:

  • make sure you take a test beforehand (bring the result with you if possible)
  • Please bring your own food for the days you are staying here!
  • Be prepared that you will not be able to attend every workshop due to space limitations
  • bring your own tent and sufficient warm blankets/sleeping bags
  • Pack your own FFP2 masks, disinfectant and toilet paper!
  • Stick to the hygiene concept