The Dannenröder forest (affectionately called “Danni“) is a healthy and old mixed forest in the middle of a nature and drinking water protection area in the north of Hesse.

Between Stadtallendorf and Homberg (Ohm) – right through the Danni and the adjacent Herrenwald – the last section of the A49 freeway is to be built. For this purpose, corresponding parts of the forests are supposed to be cleared. This is not only a massive invasion into nature, but also endangers the drinking water supply of over 500,000 people from the Rhine-Main area.

For over 40 years, local citizens have been opposing the construction of the A49 freeway.

In September 2019 they received support from activists who occupied the Danni (along the planned highway route) to prevent the clearing of the forest.

The Danni is an example of the German government’s failure to respond appropriately to the threats posed by the climate crisis and to finally implement the long overdue mobility revolution with determination.

This autumn the forest is to be destroyed for an outdated transport policy based on fossil fuels. We want to draw attention to this irresponsible project with our camp!

So come join us in our protest for the preservation of the forest!
In that sense: Danni stays!